Here are the best exporters of today… who will be next?

Here are the best exporters of today… who will be next?


The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, along with the Ministry of Economics, organize the yearly Export and Innovation Awards to celebrate the most Innovative companies and leading exporters of the country. There are six categories in which companies are evaluated: industrial design, Innovative product, best large or medium exporter, leading exporter, best small exporter and importer substitute product.

The process is done in two rounds and includes presentations about the services or products nominated for each award as well as visits to the companies. Last year’s award ceremony was held in Riga, Latvia. Here’s a quick look at those who won this coveted prize in 2015:

Image courtesy of Saeima at
Image courtesy of Saeima at

Leading Exporter — Rīga Stradiņš University

This is a modern and prestigious University in Europe well known for their attention to the human being and people. Their mission is to educate highly qualified experts in health and social sciences so that they can serve the society of Latvia, the European Union and the world. They develop scientific activities according to the University’s profile to set the basis that will allow them to hold the status of a scientific university.

Best Exporter in large/ medium partnership group


This is a bindery and printing plant in Riga that specializes in the production of books in color and black and white. Its plant is designed to have the fastest, shortest production cycle to make books. Their average production time is 3 to 4 weeks from the time a customer sends their files on PDF format and they also offer delivery services in Europe. They’re a social company that pays attention to their responsibilities with society and the environment.


A part of the ATEA group, this company specializes in high capacity client management and application packaging factory, which serves customers from all over the world. Their areas of expertise are: full client operations, self service and process automation, end user device management and application portfolio management.

3rd place — SIA REŠETILOVS

This company manufacturers original equipment for municipal wastewater management in a decentralized way, with the goal of providing clean water for safe discharge and reuse. They bring technologies and design into products with the promise of offering “clean water for a safer world”. They have 1420 plants operating on 1170 projects in 23 different countries. Innovation and sustainability are part of their corporate strategy.

Best Exporter in small partnership group

1st place — SIA D DUPLEKS

This is a company that originated in the 1970s and they offer a broad range of progressive, modern and effective products. Their specialization is related to steel slug making, and it was the need for an accurate long-distance shotgun ammunition that drove them to innovate in this field.

2nd place — SIA INFOGRAM

They develop an application for creating infographics online. its users can create real-time infographics using different types of charts, videos, texts, maps and images. They serve blogs, brands, small businesses and media from all over the world. The company was founded in 2012.

3rd place — SIA GLAMORALLE

This fashion label specializes in legwear, lingerie and nightwear. There are 20 stores in different countries and continents, from the United States to Saudi Arabia, Australia and the Netherlands. Their designs are characterized by their quality and attention to detail.

Import Substitute Product

1st place — SIA MILZU! (MILZU! breakfast cereals)

This is a family-owned business that began producing fiber-rich whole grain flakes that are healthy and come from raw materials in Latvia. They are the largest whole grain flake producer in the Baltic states. They aim to be the most healthy power flake brand in Latvia, offering their product to both grownups and children.

2nd place — SIA LINUM COLOR (Paint Eco stains)

They are manufacturers of floral, stains, paints and natural boiled linseed oil. They have 10 years of experience in extracting vegetable oils and mixing them to create natural paints. They are environmentally oriented and the creation of their products is done with a green attitude.

3rd place — SIA LAT EKO FOOD (Rūdolfs – mom’s delicious puree)

They are producers of organic baby food, with no additives, preservatives, thickeners or sugar in them. Recently they have been developing products for all age groups, and they carefully select their raw material suppliers and control every step of the manufacturing process.

Innovative Product

Image courtesy of Boegh at
Image courtesy of Boegh at

1st place — AS SAF TEHNIKA (microwave spectrum analyser Spectrum Compact)

They specialize in technologies of wireless data transmission and they offer point-to-point microwave data transmission equipment.

2nd place — SIA VIZULO (LED street and territory luminaires Vizulo Stork)

This is a LED luminaire production and sales company that specializes in commercial, architectural, street, industrial and territorial LED lighting.