ABLV Bank – A Skilled Financial Partner for Trade and Export Companies

For more than 20 years, ABLV Bank has been providing expert financial advice and services to international trading companies throughout and beyond the Baltic region. As importing and exporting have increased in importance in the Baltic and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), so too has ABLV Bank increased its focus on supporting the business activities of trading companies. Today, the bank offers a full range of services designed to help export and import companies grow their capacity and secure the safety of their operations.

Among the export-oriented services offered by ABLV Bank are numerous trade financing options and documentary operations, including documentary letters of credit, documentary collection, bank guarantees, and escrow accounts. These services can help exporters obtain additional business financing, foster trusting buyer-seller relationships, and avoid potential problems when conducting export and import transactions in contexts with significant economic, political, and currency risks. Documentary letters of credit and documentary collection are of particular benefit to exporters concerned about receiving payment for their goods, as they limit the risk from a buyer changing or cancelling an order or refusing to pay based on a complaint about the goods, and they ensure that goods are not received by a buyer before payment is made.

ABLV Bank understands that the greatest need of companies involved in international trade is a skilled and reliable financial partner. All of ABLV’s export-oriented services are designed to maximize business success by helping export companies increase their working capital and attract additional funding, build optimal payment models with partners and staff, complete transactions in an efficient and timely manner, and reduce their tax expenses. ABLV Bank’s team of knowledgeable trade experts is dedicated to working collaboratively with companies to assess potential risks, and choose the financial solutions that are the best fit for their business.

The largest independent private bank in Latvia, ABLV Bank is headquartered in Riga, with additional locations throughout the CIS, as well as in Hong Kong and Luxembourg.

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2015 Latvian economy,  review in four news

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